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R9 Custom Horse

Here you will find Custom Novelty saddle pads made by R9 Custom Horse. In Many Styles and Sizes, 100's of prints and themes to choose from.
Limited only by your imagination and the fabric stores!

Each saddle pad or blanket is made only after it has been ordered.
We do not offer pre-made items.
This gives us the ability to customize each saddle pad for your wants and needs.

We have built many different types of saddle pads, trail saddle pads, draft horse as well as pony sized saddle pads, English and Western saddle pads with pockets, Dressage saddle pads, cutback saddle pads, barrel racing saddle pads, Calvary saddle pads, Parade saddle pads. We have made contour saddle pads in both English and western styles. Embroidery designs are also built in house.

Navigating our site

Mouse over the links on the left side of the pad. All the fabric prints are listed A-Z under Saddle Pad Prints. Please call or email, if you need more information.

Our new hours

We will be open later to asnwer your questions.

  • Monday - Friday 9 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday - Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm
  • If you have issue with placing an order, please give us a call!

Styles and Sizes Available

  • Our Saddle Pads start at $55.
  • Forward Seat 22X18 (shaped like the English saddle)
  • Olympic/All Purpose (squared) 22X18
  • Dressage (squared) 24X24
  • Barrel Western (oval) 30X30 or 32X32
  • Western (squared) 30X30, 32X32, 34x34, 34X36, 36X36 (or other sizes only be requested)


  • Extra Batting Available $7. per extra layer (English)
  • Extra Padding Available $9. per extra layer (Western)
  • Brow band covers start $8.
  • Velcro keepers $2.50
  • Polo Wraps $14. (set of 2)
  • Polo Wraps $18. (set of 4)
  • Protective Patches $10. (Western only)
  • Pockets Starts at $25 (English)
  • Pockets Starts at $35 (Western)

Additional information

  • You can now place order by Phone or Fax 877-689-7469
  • We do accept Credit Cards, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, E-checks, PayPal
  • We also offer Gift Certificates
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Local Embroidery shop is closed Dec 24 2014 - Jan 4 2015

Maverick Saddle pads
Maverick Saddle pads
English Saddle pad
English Saddle pad
Western Saddle pad
Western Saddle pad
Gryffindor Pony Saddle pad
Pony Saddle pad
Western Saddle pad with Pockets
Brown Western Saddle pad with Pockets
Capt. Calvary Saddle pad
Canadain Calvary Saddle pad
Canadain Calvary Saddle pad
Pink Tiger stripe camo
Search and Rescue Calvary Saddle pad

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Maverick Saddle Pads

Show off your Ranch or Farm brand on a Maverick Saddle pad ....

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Need pockets, Velcro keepers, or Extra padding? We have you covered.

New Prints

We are always adding prints.

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  • Questions & Phone orders
  • 877-689-7469 M-F 9am to 9pm
  • Sat & Sun 12noon to 6pm

Customize your Horse with a Custom Saddle Pad!
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