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Building a Custom Western saddle pad.

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Building your unique Western saddle pad

Western styles and shapes

First things first, your custom saddle pad must suit your horse and your riding style.

To begin you will need to choose the shape/style of pad.

  • A western saddle pad can be either square, oval or rectangle. This is the nice thing about having a custom pad, it can be made to any size, rather than a generic one.
  • Pony size runs from 25X25 to 30X30, of course this depends on the size of the pony and saddle.
  • The Standard size of a western saddle pad is usually 32X32, this size fits a western saddle with full skirts. The measurements are 32 inches along the spine and 32 inches form left side across the back to the right side. The 32x32 will fit both 14 and 15 inch saddles nicely, and yes you will be able to see enough of the saddle pads print all the way around the saddle. The larger your saddle the larger saddle pad you would need. Larger Western saddle such as roping saddle may need a 34X34 or a 36X36.
  • A barrel racing saddles have smaller rounded skirts, so a barrel racing pad is usually oval in shape. The oval shape makes it easy for the horse in those tight turns around the barrels.
  • Horses that may be shorter along the back might benefit from a rectangle shaped pad. A horse with a shorter back may need a 30X32 instead or any combination of measurement. We can make a western saddle pad in any shape and size. If you are not sure what size you need, All you need to do is simply measure the saddle pad you are using now. You can email us with your measurements, then we can create the perfect fit for you!

Prints or solids colors

We have over 300+ prints of fabric. We have everything from animal prints to cartoons and western prints, as well as solid colored fabrics. We are always adding new prints and colors.


Adding embroidery to your western saddle pad will really make you stand out! We can added your name, your horses name, ranch brand even farm logos. The letter ranges from 1 inch to 2 inches depending on the amount of lettering you want visible.

There are 3 main places to embroidery on any western saddle pad:

  • Both back corners
  • Across the back of the saddle pad
If you choose to have your saddle pad embroidered, please make sure you pick and contrasting color. If you have a black and white zebra printed saddle pad, you would NOT want to use black or white thread or the name and logo will just get lost on the saddle pad's print.

showing embroidery across back and both sides


If you have added pockets to you saddle pad, We can embroider the pocket flaps or pocket fronts as well as across the back of your saddle pad.

R9 has been adding pockets directly to saddle pads for years. It is a really great way to carry things you need on that long trail ride. The wonderful thing about having pockets sewn directly onto the saddle pad is you can use the pockets instead of saddle bags that need would be tied onto a saddle. Plus, these pockets will not flop around like saddle bags do. Pockets can be make in any size.

R9's standard size is roomy 4X10X12 (4 inches deep, 10 inches tall and 12 inches wide). The pockets are held closed by 2 one inch snaps. Each pocket is double lined and designed to hold up!

Pockets can be make larger or smaller to the saddle pad size you choose.

If you decide to add pockets to your custom saddle pad, we always suggest adding a few inches across the back to the saddle pad. This will help prevent your pockets from being too high on the pad as you really would not want the saddle interfering with the pockets functional use.

Embroidery on pocket flap Embroidery on pocket face


R9's standard saddle pad comes with 1 layer of padding and 2 layers of batting. The padding is 1/4 inch thick and the batting is 1 inch. However the batting is made from a soft material so it does shrink when quilted. If you would like the saddle pad to be thicker, we can add 1 extra layer of padding and/ or 1 extra layer of batting. This would make your saddle pad about 1/2 inches thick.

Cutback Western saddle pads

Cutback or V cutouts on whithers is available by request.

V cutout on whithers U cutout on whithers

Protective Patches

These patches help protect the top of the saddle pad. The patches are localed under the saddle horn/ pomel and the girth area. They give your saddle pads top sheet a little extra protection from wear and tear.

Protective patches are shown in RED


The trim is webbing on the outside edge of your saddle pad. R9 offers quite a lot of different colors for you to choose from! Simply choose the trim color you like best and then a color that matches your saddle pad print. If would like a different color that we do not show as available, drop us an email. We can make every attempt to locate your color choice for you.


R9 Custom Horse Creations

No items on this website are licensed products. However, the saddle pads and other products are made with licensed fabric. R9 Custom Horse Creations is not affiliated with any of the licensing sources.

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