Calvary abd Dovetail

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Calvary and Dovetail Saddle Pads

Calvary and Dovetail saddle pads can be made in any color and any size. Unit patches can be added. I am always up for a challange!


Captain's 11th Calvary saddle pad

Canadain Calvary Saddle pad

Canadain Calvary Saddle pad

1th Calvary saddle pad
Unit patches are on both sides
The black horse is facing forward

If you are or were Military, please call before ordering.

Canadain Calvary Saddle pad

Conferated Calvary saddle pad

Seqouyah County
Mounted Search and Rescue
Calvary saddle pad


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No items on this website are licensed products. However, the saddle pads and other products are made with licensed fabric. R9 Custom Horse Creations is not affiliated with any of the licensing sources.

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